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Seducing with their siren song Those who with skyward gaze Watch with childish fascination The dance unveiled above Bright globes of color Greet the sunlit day Sharing a quiet moment Basking in the beauty Of a summer sky Skipping through … Continue reading

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Dark Wood

I know better then to be here I’ve been told Things happen here Bad things Yet I am drawn No.  More like willed I have not the power to resist I cannot I smell the decay The cloying stench Of … Continue reading

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Eyes that tease and promise more Unspoken expectations soar Lips that tempt you with their smiles Products of a woman’s wiles The beauty of an ample breast Taut nipples against fabric pressed A derriere both soft and round Imagined fantasies abound … Continue reading

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The Box

I was just a little boy when I first noticed it On my fathers dresser, a little box did sit I learned my dad had made it and displayed it with some pride Fashioned with a little lock, I could not … Continue reading

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I Saw A Dream

I saw a dream of yesterday Not clearly, but in shades of gray A vision of what used to be Times that remain a part of me Briefly it came but could not stay What did this glimpse of then … Continue reading

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In A Land Called Fantasy

Woven through the fabric of forever Sits a kingdom shrouded in the mist A castle built with youths imagination Its spires and steeples were once heaven kissed Today the once proud land has been abandoned Still, around the corner there … Continue reading

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