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Social Distancing

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  I watch him waken from his nap Stretching, rolling, finally standing He looks about Searching for his newest challenge The little tail in constant animation The stubby legs running, stumbling Chasing all that moves A brief pause to sample … Continue reading

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The Truth Be Known

The truth be known, at least to me Perceptions of reality My vision of this time and place All the beliefs that I embrace Hard held truths that I foresee I do not ask that you agree Subscribe to what … Continue reading

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I See Beyond

I see beyond the crosses Standing tall across the field Like soldiers in formation For whom our hearts won’t heal I see beyond the sacrifice Of those that gave their life And with their faith to guide them Died in the … Continue reading

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Sentry Of The Harbor

Silently I stand and wait At ready to vituperate Those who choose to test my might And the flames of war ignite At peril of their fate Try thee not my granite wall  Lest thunder from my cannon fall  Upon … Continue reading

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By The Waters Edge

I feel the little ripples as they wash between my toes They rush up to greet me, then out again they go Teasing with their cool caress before they run away Toying with my senses, inviting me to stay  I … Continue reading

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In A Town Called Gettysburg

An army gathering since morn To the west and north they form Unrelentingly advance Their goal of victory to enhance In a town called Gettysburg By mid day the tide has turned The gray line will not be spurned Union … Continue reading

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Seducing with their siren song Those who with skyward gaze Watch with childish fascination The dance unveiled above Bright globes of color Greet the sunlit day Sharing a quiet moment Basking in the beauty Of a summer sky Skipping through … Continue reading

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The E Street Bus

Each morning of my workweek, I board the E Street Bus  I see familiar faces, there are a lot of us But if I look closer, I see more then faces I see a kaleidoscope made up of many races Two … Continue reading

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The Colors Of Freedom

We face each other. The distance shorter with each day Each cloaked in the stench of death Cannon, silent but alert, line the hills Their voice kills my brothers Who like me, struggle to survive another day Each believing God … Continue reading

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