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Rainy Afternoon

Wet fingers tapping on my window Restless clouds tumble across the sky The wind freshens A new scent fills the air Melancholy pervades my being I retreat into solitary hours Spent in reflection Lost in myself Isolation hangs heavy Restraints … Continue reading

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Winter Rain

The winter winds sing To the teardrops of rain That cling to barren limbs Frozen boughs In cloaks of ice Whisper their displeasure Darkness descends Through solemn hours Life suspended, waiting A new sun smiles Crystals dance like gypsies The … Continue reading

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Storm’s Comin

You can smell it in the air Almost taste it A solid gray horizon Dark clouds Trip Hastily Across the sky Orange streaks Peek through rents In the ¬†fabric Storm’s comin Anchored¬† Restless dinghy’s Rock nervously In anticipation Rolling thunder … Continue reading


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