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Gone Are The Days

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Kentucky Girl

 She was a Kentucky girl Bred from champion stock Proud and beautiful to see From her head to her fetlock Her body was magnificent Sixteen hands in size A shiny, rippling chestnut coat White blaze between her eyes I could … Continue reading

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Music In My Heart

An infants grip upon my finger A puppies nibble on my ear A maidens glance that tends to linger Friendships that so long endear Quiet moments spent together Dappled sunshine in the wood Children’s laughter on the heather Words unspoken … Continue reading

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How Can I Be Mad

When Mother Nature smiles at me And lays fresh linen on each tree Hiding earths infirmities How can I be mad       When tree limbs in new cloaks of snow Where only hints of tree trunks show Bright … Continue reading

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Fairies, Dwarfs, and Elves

  In the land of make believe The little fairies dwell You may remember Peter Pan And his Tinker Bell And then of course there’s Snow White Who had seven dwarfs for friends Hi Ho, Hi Ho, off to work … Continue reading

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We laugh at jokes not funny In a effort to fit in We don’t care how others feel Yet ask them how they’ve been We show up at functions When we don’t want to go We dislike many people But … Continue reading

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I See Beyond

I see beyond the crosses Standing tall across the field Like soldiers in formation For whom our hearts won’t heal I see beyond the sacrifice Of those that gave their life And with their faith to guide them Died in the … Continue reading

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Just A Volunteer

Might you be her son, she asked Each week I see you here Oh no, she’s not my Mom I said I’m just a volunteer Do you know how much she waits For the day that you arrive How she … Continue reading

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Winter Tides

Storm swept seas assault the shore Lashing out with rage unsated Attacking with the wrath of Thor Oceans temper unabated Reaching out with icy hands Fists of foam grip granite walls Succeeding not with it’s demands Retreats to Poseidon’s halls

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Who Owns The Truth

I have beliefs Held strong by me You have yours too We don’t agree I know to you Mine may seem strange I also know I cannot change You feel as I Our wisdom clear To our beliefs We will … Continue reading

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