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Rainy Afternoon

Wet fingers tapping on my window Restless clouds tumble across the sky The wind freshens A new scent fills the air Melancholy pervades my being I retreat into solitary hours Spent in reflection Lost in myself Isolation hangs heavy Restraints … Continue reading

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Shuffling down the sidewalk His life in plastic bags Societies discarded remnants A dog of suspect lineage Frayed rope for a leash Diverted glances avoid his being Wide birth given to his course Downcast eyes try not to notice Hurt … Continue reading

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Life In A Glass

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The sum of years race past her eyes Faces, places, loved, despised Tender feelings, broken hearts Lies unspoken, well played parts  All collected in this glass With amber liquid mixed, alas The burning feeling has…

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Gone Are The Days

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Nightmare or Dream

Is it real, or is it not She stands anchored on the spot At first excited, then afraid By this place where she has strayed Standing in a field of wheat A dusty trail beneath her feet Fighting back a … Continue reading

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I watched you when you did it I saw what you had done But too scared to admit it My decision was to run Pretend it never happened Push it from my conscious mind Your motive never questioned Leave the … Continue reading

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Storm coming wind has changed in the cellar run Glass breaking house destroyed we have been spared pray    

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The cannon have grown silent Were they stilled by death Or was I

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The Silent Cry

I sense without hearing Observe but do not see Vibrations on my heart Receive the silent cry It echoes on my soul Wrapped as in a dream Reality denied Believe the silent cry Soon it will depart Yet the essence … Continue reading

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I don’t exist or so it seems, at least I don’t to him And yet I watch him every day, his body young and trim I wish that he would look at me, perhaps cast me a smile My heart … Continue reading

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