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Once Upon A Time

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In Barren Fields

Originally posted on Ink lings:
In barren fields where once was grown Golden wheat in springtime sown Still stands the barn from long ago The ravages of years it’s foe For seasons of neglect atone The whims of natures force…

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The Old Mill

The pristine stream through fertile lands Spills oer the sluice where the old mill stands The tides of time upon it fall With feet of stone and weathered wall Where once the mighty water wheel Powered the stone that ground … Continue reading

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Closet of My Mind

In the closet of my mind Hang my yesterdays Remnants of the past Reminders of a life lived They are no longer stylish Value diminished by time Colors faded, buttons tarnished Like trophies on a shelf I’ll never wear them … Continue reading

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Sentry Of The Harbor

Silently I stand and wait At ready to vituperate Those who choose to test my might And the flames of war ignite At peril of their fate Try thee not my granite wall  Lest thunder from my cannon fall  Upon … Continue reading

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In A Town Called Gettysburg

An army gathering since morn To the west and north they form Unrelentingly advance Their goal of victory to enhance In a town called Gettysburg By mid day the tide has turned The gray line will not be spurned Union … Continue reading

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The Colors Of Freedom

We face each other. The distance shorter with each day Each cloaked in the stench of death Cannon, silent but alert, line the hills Their voice kills my brothers Who like me, struggle to survive another day Each believing God … Continue reading

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Up creaky stairs in the attic Dim light through grimy windows Dances on cobwebs Forgotten treasures   Protected by the dust of years Huddle in silence Maternity clothes Stored in anticipation Of expectations never met Ebony discs Etched with music … Continue reading


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Freedoms Price

Bodies raining down A nations heart ripped open Savage flames assail Tomorrows, lost in ashes The blade of hate has spoken The stain of  9/11 will be forever in our hearts.  It was the day a vicious wound was inflicted … Continue reading

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The Cannons Roar

The cannons roar, hatred inflame Destruction, chaos, without shame Our countries fabric torn apart Pride and conviction rule the heart Life as before we can’t reclaim Atrocities in freedoms name Negotiations soon became Words meant to stop, but instead start The cannons roar … Continue reading

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