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Nightfall is the intermissionBetween today’s performanceAnd tomorrows prospects

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Mountain Stream

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Days End

As the sun wanesKissing the treetops goodnightThe forest grows silentAnd the day surrenders

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Crystal Lake

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Here I Go Again

When I first started blogging several years ago, I had only one site which was and is Oldmainer.wordpress.com.  Somewhere along the line, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to add this one to showcase my poetry.  However, seven years ago, … Continue reading

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In youth I looked at life through my front window Everything was new and unexplored Expectations flowed like rushing water Nothing that I viewed could be ignored Paths untested prompted me to venture Inhale the fragrance of discovery Taste the … Continue reading

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Yesterday retreats Hiding in the shadows  Fading yet clinging   Like a frightened child Slowly the grip weakens Wrenched free by today Relegated to days past Diminished by time We turn to face the future What lies beyond The reality … Continue reading

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Second hand is now recycled Pre-owned is what was called used What was thrown away recovered Some wear and tear was once abused How we strive to change the verbiage Make things sound much more like new When in fact … Continue reading

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Rainy Afternoon

Wet fingers tapping on my window Restless clouds tumble across the sky The wind freshens A new scent fills the air Melancholy pervades my being I retreat into solitary hours Spent in reflection Lost in myself Isolation hangs heavy Restraints … Continue reading

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