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Life’s Windows

In youth I looked at life through my front window Everything was new and unexplored Expectations flowed like rushing water Nothing that I viewed could be ignored Paths untested prompted me to venture Inhale the fragrance of discovery Taste the … Continue reading

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Ink lings

Originally posted on Ink lings:
It has always been there, the  urge To turn a thought into a  portrait Express myself as my hand is willed My voice, poured upon a page I kid myself that time forestalls my efforts…

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Like A Willow

Like a willow in the wind Life moves without direction Responding to a subtle nudge From the hand of choice Guided by conviction Coaxed by opportunity Hardened by failure Heartened by success Without intervention Destinations unfold Where will it all … Continue reading

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We laugh at jokes not funny In a effort to fit in We don’t care how others feel Yet ask them how they’ve been We show up at functions When we don’t want to go We dislike many people But … Continue reading

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Puppy Love

I don’t understand this feeling that dwells within my breast This bittersweet sensation that will not let me rest It started with a smile you threw one day when you passed by And lingers long beyond that time, and I … Continue reading

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The cannon have grown silent Were they stilled by death Or was I

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Let Me Think

When other people think of me What thoughts of me do they perceive Is my persona welcoming And what impression do I leave Do I meet with their approval Do they agree with what I say When they stop and … Continue reading

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Silence wraps itself around my senses Soundless visions tiptoe through my mind In my world, sound has been suspended I hear your voice only with my eyes Words are only shapes when they are spoken Taking form because of what I see … Continue reading

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A colorless day, cast in shades of muted gray Teardrops falling from a sorrowful sky Running down the face of His creation Dried by the fingers of the sun

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Daddy’s Girl

I gaze upon perfection laid before me The innocent face of my sleeping child Auburn hair draped upon her pillow Lollipops and candy canes Take possession of her dreams As she dwells in her world of make believe I cannot … Continue reading

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