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Shuffling down the sidewalk His life in plastic bags Societies discarded remnants A dog of suspect lineage Frayed rope for a leash Diverted glances avoid his being Wide birth given to his course Downcast eyes try not to notice Hurt … Continue reading

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Life In A Glass

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The sum of years race past her eyes Faces, places, loved, despised Tender feelings, broken hearts Lies unspoken, well played parts  All collected in this glass With amber liquid mixed, alas The burning feeling has…

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Requiem To A Dog

I wish you well my faithful friend On you I always could depend Through times of laughter and of pain Close by my side you would remain And all my faults you would defend But now our time has reached … Continue reading

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Alone upon a windswept hill I single bugler stands A song of solace in his heart His horn held in his hands Day is done, gone the sun The mournful notes he blows From the lakes, from the hills From … Continue reading

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The cannon have grown silent Were they stilled by death Or was I

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Freedoms Price

Bodies raining down A nations heart ripped open Savage flames assail Tomorrows, lost in ashes The blade of hate has spoken The stain of  9/11 will be forever in our hearts.  It was the day a vicious wound was inflicted … Continue reading

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Footsteps in the hall Hiding in my darkened room Smell his liquored breath Please don’t daddy, I’ll be good Please don’t hurt me anymore

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I’m so sorry mom and dad, it had to end this way The pain was more then I could stand, the voices every day Dad, I give you one last hug, to mom I throw a kiss To not say … Continue reading

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Rubble of a vanquished race People recoil from the truth Peace on earth goodwill to men We did not know how Hate became a way of life Vitriol running rampant Strike down the opposition Crucify the man Destruction by our … Continue reading

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Innocence Denied

Look at me.  My God, I am so wasted Coming down off last nights drug filled high It seemed so right when all the dreams I tasted Helped me all my problems to deny The last thing I remember I … Continue reading

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