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Winter Tides

Storm swept seas assault the shore Lashing out with rage unsated Attacking with the wrath of Thor Oceans temper unabated Reaching out with icy hands Fists of foam grip granite walls Succeeding not with it’s demands Retreats to Poseidon’s halls

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Tinkle of the Bell

It is the Christmas season, there is no time to stop There aren’t that many more days that we have left to shop To make sure we have presents for those we love so well Unlike those that are now … Continue reading

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Winters Eve

The day pales, kept alive only by the radiance of the snow Fading rays cascade across the pristine fields Casting shades of pink and blue in final tribute to the day Barren trees, ice coated, cast and reflect the pastel … Continue reading

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By The Waters Edge

I feel the little ripples as they wash between my toes They rush up to greet me, then out again they go Teasing with their cool caress before they run away Toying with my senses, inviting me to stay  I … Continue reading

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Winters Ghost

I can feel his touch A chill descends upon me He is in the breath  That forms before me He is in the wind That whispers to the pines Skeletal trees flex their fingers Leaves plummet to their death His presence … Continue reading

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Playing hide and seek with Summer Autumns arrogance displayed Staking claim to all it covets September settles on the glade A new palate is presented Colors of more rustic shade Bold strokes that transform the treetops Autumns entrance has been … Continue reading

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Mason Jars

Stored upon old dusty shelves In the bosom of our home Await the bounty of last season Summers yield from fertile earth Through barren months sustain    

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Summer Storm

I can smell it in the air. Almost taste it Betrayed by a solid gray horizon Dark clouds hasten across the sky Orange streaks peek through rents in their fabric Near the shore a restless dinghy Rocks nervously in anticipation … Continue reading

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Spring, fresh cheeked, thrills us with renewal Heralding life’s cycle born anew Summer, with the face of adolescence Warms the heart and smiles upon the meadows Autumn dances to the song of twilight Her age dismissed with colorful abandon Winters … Continue reading

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