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Run Ignore the smoke of fear Be not afraid Run Midst the debris of hate Do not look back Run A saddened nation cheers you A shaken world observes Run Shed not tears of despair You will not be defeated … Continue reading

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In Barren Fields

Originally posted on Ink lings:
In barren fields where once was grown Golden wheat in springtime sown Still stands the barn from long ago The ravages of years it’s foe For seasons of neglect atone The whims of natures force…

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Kentucky Girl

 She was a Kentucky girl Bred from champion stock Proud and beautiful to see From her head to her fetlock Her body was magnificent Sixteen hands in size A shiny, rippling chestnut coat White blaze between her eyes I could … Continue reading

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Requiem To A Dog

I wish you well my faithful friend On you I always could depend Through times of laughter and of pain Close by my side you would remain And all my faults you would defend But now our time has reached … Continue reading

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I See Beyond

I see beyond the crosses Standing tall across the field Like soldiers in formation For whom our hearts won’t heal I see beyond the sacrifice Of those that gave their life And with their faith to guide them Died in the … Continue reading

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Living life in solitude, hiding in the dark Cloistered in my minds cocoon, fearful to embark Shying from reality, my world was make believe I could not get beyond myself, to fantasy I cleaved That is when you found me … Continue reading

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Just A Volunteer

Might you be her son, she asked Each week I see you here Oh no, she’s not my Mom I said I’m just a volunteer Do you know how much she waits For the day that you arrive How she … Continue reading

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Alone upon a windswept hill I single bugler stands A song of solace in his heart His horn held in his hands Day is done, gone the sun The mournful notes he blows From the lakes, from the hills From … Continue reading

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The City

Brazen horns protest each others presence Steam rises from beneath the tarnished streets Taxi’s tease with flags that say “off duty” And in the shadows, grifters ply their trade A cacophony of  smells assault the senses Windows dressed, compete to … Continue reading

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Sentry Of The Harbor

Silently I stand and wait At ready to vituperate Those who choose to test my might And the flames of war ignite At peril of their fate Try thee not my granite wall  Lest thunder from my cannon fall  Upon … Continue reading

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