Senior Citizen

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Mother Ship

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One For The Road

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Gray, ME

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Great Falls

Auburn/Lewiston, ME

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Peaceful Harbor

 Rockland, ME

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Here I Go Again

Winter Moon In Black and White

When I first started blogging several years ago, I had only one site which was and is  Somewhere along the line, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to add this one to showcase my poetry.  However, seven years ago, I decided to do an about face and again consolidate all my meanderings on the original site. has, over time, been relatively successful and continues to provide me with an outlet for my rhetorical ramblings. But, although not active, I left Inklings open in case I might some day find a use for it.  And now, I think I have.

I have always enjoyed looking at and admiring photography, without ever having an inclination to create any.  But I am now rethinking that.  I have no training and do not even pretend to be skilled in the art. But when I see something I like, I have a desire to try and capture it, on my cheap Android cell phone, with a modestly featured camera, using only the built in editing software to try and bring it to life.  I have used several of  my snapshots on my Oldmainer blog and have received some positive comments. So I decided to throw some of them out here and see what happens, if anything. The most I can say for them is that they will all be originals and will depict everything and anything that meets my eye.  There will be no specific genre.  What I see is what you get.  I figure the very worst case scenario is that I am the only one that likes my work. And the best case scenario is, I will like all my pictures even if you don’t. Sounds like a win win to me. No pressure there.

So, welcome to my new world of amateur photography, where my inklings have become lenselings, and my cell an ‘eye’-phone.  I hope you will give my post a glance and, if you see something you like,  let me know.  If however you see something you don’t like, you can keep that to yourself.


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Life’s Windows

In youth I looked at life through my front window
Everything was new and unexplored
Expectations flowed like rushing water
Nothing that I viewed could be ignored

Paths untested prompted me to venture
Inhale the fragrance of discovery
Taste the nectar of a love awakened
Embracing life wherever it took me

Today I look at life through my rear window
And savor the experiences I’ve had
Reflecting once again upon my journey
Accepting what life gave, the good, the bad

The edges of my world have long since softened
Colors now reflect a warmer hue
However, I have not a favorite window
Through either one, I’ve much enjoyed the view 

From the archives 2016

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