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Hidden Harbour

The Voyage As a young man I cast off my line and sailed into life’s seaMy destination was unknown, just happy to be free I oft sailed troubled waters, furling sails til the time whenI’d ridden out the turbulence and … Continue reading

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Ink lings

Originally posted on Ink lings:
It has always been there, the  urge To turn a thought into a  portrait Express myself as my hand is willed My voice, poured upon a page I kid myself that time forestalls my efforts…

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Written Gifts

Staring, anxious Desperate to create In the void Thoughts tumble, defy definition Words, tangled Sort them, bend them  Place them  Change, discard Again, start again Think, scribe Yes, yes, that is it Sculpted lines Fly, take wing Sing of me … Continue reading

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  Words unspoken dwell within the poet The ink of inspiration whets his quill Scribed upon the page with driven hand

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The actor lives upon the stage With his voice, his tale conveys Reciting lines in mellow tones Captures all that hear The writer lives upon the page With his hand, his tale portrays Penning lines, each word he hones Seduce … Continue reading

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Poetry Defined

My words collected on a line Attempt my subject to define Spilling forth these thoughts of mine Laid before the reader who Flowing like a velvet wine Tastes the words anew Do they to the reader speak Please the audience … Continue reading

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Move Over

I originally started my first blog, back in July 2012. At the time it was a compilation of narratives, opinions, observations, and poetry. After a couple of months, it became more apparent that there was a different audience that … Continue reading


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OK, ready for a new challenge??  If you tried the Acrostic form of poetry, I’m sure  you had some fun with it.  It is not easy, but it makes you think.  Now I am going to show you a harder … Continue reading

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